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Other Tax

Professional Tax: If you are a working in a private organization, you have to pay this tax and it would be deducted by your employer from your salary. The rate of this tax may vary from one state to another.

Municipal Tax: You have to pay this tax to the municipal corporation if you own a property.

Entertainment Tax:When you buy tickets to watch a movie or a show, exhibition, you have to pay Entertainment Tax for it.

Stamp Duty, Registration: When you buy a property, you have to pay this tax in addition to the cost fixed by the seller, if you want to have the property transferred t your name.

Gift Tax: If you get gift that is more than Rs 50,000 in a year, you will have to pay gift tax for it.

Toll Tax: You have to pay this tax if you use the infrastructure like the roads, highways etc. to maintain them in the long run.

Some other kinds of taxes include education tax, dividend distribution tax and wealth tax. Various kinds of taxes have become an important part of development of a nation. These taxes help in the implementation of various economic policies to promote the growth of a country. So they help in providing economic stability and also tend to reduce unemployment rate in a country. Although people complain about paying taxes, a well planned taxation system is quite essential for a government.