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Door-to-Door(Garbage Collection)

Waste collection is a part of the process of waste management. It is the transfer of solid waste from the point of use and disposal to the point of treatment or landfill. Waste collection also includes the curbside collection of recyclable materials that technically are not waste, as part of a municipal landfill diversion program. Bakewar City residents must haul their trash to a waste collection vehicle which makes frequent stops around each neighborhood. The waste collectors will indicate their readiness by ringing a distinctive bell and possibly shouting. Residents line up and hand their trash container to the waste collector. A tip may be expected in some neighborhoods. The waste collectors may circulate in the same neighborhoods, pushing a cart with a waste container, ringing a bell and shouting to announce their presence. Later, they meet up with a waste collection vehicle to deposit their accumulated waste. The waste collection vehicle will often take the waste to a transfer station where it will be loaded up into a larger vehicle and sent to either a landfill or alternative waste treatment facility.