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About City

Ekdil is a toun an a nagar panchayat in Etawah destrict in the state o Uttar Pradesh, Indie. This place wis stabilisit bi the Ekdil Khan, it haes a history. This place wis earlier kent as Sarai Rupa.

In the 17t century, a eunuch namitEkdil Khan came here an built a new sarai an mosque, an he namit it Sarai Ekdil, but as it is too lang name so fowk stairt cawin it by Ekdil.

Places of interest

  • Jain Temple   Jain Temple temple is the symbol Of faith of the people's of Ekdil and many other villages near about.

  • Rama Restaurant  located at 9 KM from Ekdil Station.

  • radhey radhey Restaurant  Karwa Kheda Kanpur Road 7.5 km from Ekdil Station